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MISSION: Alexandria Watchdog's mission is to promote and restore innovative solutions to Alexandria City Council's public policy challenges while holding them accountable for handling of taxpayer dollars.

FOIA reveals seminary road collusion between Scooter Wilson and Washington Post reporter

Ask Patricia "Shill" Sullivan of the Washington Post why she writes for Justin and not as an impartial, professional journalist. Read more here.

Could downtown Alexandria city be a Future 'chop' zone? Alas Seattle...

Now that guns are prohibited on Alexandria City property what is preventing rioters and anarchist from taking over our downtown...? Our Alexandria City council decided for us in another sideways vote. Click here to read more in the Alexandria Times. Sleep tight fellow citizens...

High density disaster in alexandria City

Read this letter to the Alexandria Watchdog from a concerned parent and environmentalist.

ACOP (Alexandria City Organized protest Zone)...

Could ACOP take over our downtown? Alas Seattle. Our concerned law-abiding citizens pleaded with Alexandria City Council NOT to ban guns on city property but were only heard by deaf ears. As quoted by this letter to the editor at the Alexandria Times - "Gun rights are women's rights".

What if Justin 'scooter' wilson lived in Mt. Vernon...

If Justin 'SCOOTER" Wilson lived in Mt. Vernon would George Washington's Mt. Vernon Home even exist or would it have been erased from history already? What surprises do you have for us next Justin...?

Time for a 'Clean' Sweep...

This concerned citizen nailed it! A recently published letter to the editor in the Alexandria Times calls for a clean sweep of Alexandria City Council. Click here to read more

Should we be surprised another decision was made by Justin and his cronies without any public feedback...? The "changing and evolving" is done in silence by our corrupt Alexandria City Council.

Seminary Road Facebook Group

The decision to reduce car lanes on Seminary Road continues to anger Alexandria City residents. Click here to join this Facebook group and read about more bad ideas from our Mayor Justin 'SCOOTER' Wilson and his corrupt City Council...

Racist in Alexandria...

Dear Alexandria City Citizens, According to Justin 'SCOOTER' Wilson we're all racist. Read more here and watch the recently posted YouTube video and Justin's reference to 'colored people' as he compares Alexandria City to apartheid in South Africa...

Alexandria City leaders fail to prepare city for covid-19

Prepare and protect yourself because your city leaders won' more opinion here.

Pandemic impact on Alexandria small business-tax relief now!

Where are our fearless Alexandria City leaders when small businesses are getting crushed by this epidemic? What is our fearless city council doing to help?

Massive LEAD pollution discovered at Alexandria City Waterfront.

An estimated 72 truckloads of contaminated soil. Tip of the iceberg?

Do Alexandria emergency services matter...?

Nothing will stop corrupt Alexandria city council from building their empire...

Alexandria city manager makes 300K a year and his deputy managers 200K

Is the Alexandria City Council the best stewards of our tax dollars? Read this citizen's view as submitted to the Alexandria Times....

Alexandria City council's Deadly Vote

"Citizens are outraged by City Council's deadly vote on Seminary Road. In case you were not sure who to hold accountable in next election, they are Justin "Scooter" Wilson, Del Pepper, Bennett Parker, and Aguirre."

Click here for latest update from Seminary Hill Association below.

Alexandria wins big with misconduct in obtaining wetlands permit

"Citizens of Alexandria City demand corruption investigation of Mayor Justin Wilson, City Manager Mark Jink, his Deputy Emily Baker, and Metro Board Chairman Paul Smedberg"

Paul Smedberg, ousted from Alexandria City Council for a prior Metro Scandal, is now a primary target of investigation. Only in the Peoples Republic of Alexandria (PRA) do you get promoted after a highly publicized scandal. Read this letter to the WMATA Office

calling the City of Alexandria Ethics department...?

Why isn't the Metro board investigating and penalizing the City of Alexandria? Read this opinion letter

Potomac Yard Metro -Alternative B

Dangerous flooding and public safety risked to build the Potomac Yard Metro Station Alternative B. Read this letter!

F@#% You Alexandria

SAYS King Justin “Scooter” Wilson and Alexandria City board CO-con-spirators. Read more here...

Tysons on the potomac

Mayor Justin "Scooter' Wilson and developers are using blog trolls like Andrew Beaujon, now working for the Washingtonian, to attack citizens who disagree with their agenda to turn Alexandria into "Tyson's Corner on the Potomac". Read more here!

Save Historic Alexandria!

Alexandria citizens are getting organized.

Save Historic Alexandria!

City Council 'not' listening to citizens.

Hey Mo Say it ain't so...?

Alexandria City Councilman Mohamed “Mo” Seifeldein has nothing better to do than spend the City’s time and money, pandering to extreme leftist partisan divisive identity politics by moving to replace the National Holiday Columbus Day with Indigenous People’s Day. Read more commentary here from our citizens

Alexandria City Council's "ECO CHITY" Program is a Fraud

Alexandria City has ignored repeated citizen requests to test our waterfront floodwaters for;

  • Fecal Colifrom, Chemical Contaminents and Pathogens. This citizen has more to more here

May the Schwartz be with you - destroying wetlands, creating “Tyson’s on the Potomac”!

Water protection hearing was just another disgrace for Alexandria City...development villain/ attorney Stewart Schwartz, Founder and Executive Director of the Coalition for Smarter Growth to destroy parks/wetlands. Click here to get the real story

Alexandria City Council on verge of destroying last substantial piece of Green Space/Wetlands in Alexandria City!

The Alexandria City Council "Eco City Alexandria" program is another scam promoted by Mayor "Scooter" Wilson, Del Pepper, City Manager Mark Jinks and City Spokesman Craig Fifer. "Eco City Alexandria" is another fraud sold by City Council to provide a 'false' agenda and a 'false' sense of transparency. Help us by reading more here...

Life in the PRA (People's Republic of Alexandria)

Who Are the shareholders Of Alexandria Restaurant Partners, LLC, who continue to get sweet heart deals and waivers...more

Change alexxxandria City's character forever

Bill Euille's destruction of Alexandria still reigns strong. Click here to read this opinion article from 2015.

El Jefe Wilson strikes again

Take back Alexandria City from Mayor Justin "Dictator" Wilson and his Alexandria City Council cronies!

Citizens are fed up and tired of being ignored! Click here to read more.

Overbuilding bonanza

Alexandria City Council's high density development agenda is destroying the City and it's historic waterfront. Click here to hear from concerned citizens

No Parking. Traffic gridlock. Air and water pollution. Scooter madness. Anti -History.

Smell's Alexandria City Council's latest decision...

Circuit court complaints pile up after Alexandria City Council's decision to approve a chicken slaughterhouse/live poultry market on Colvin Street. Click here to read more.

Alexandria City Council destroys rich history of Alexandria Waterfront

NO FOUNDERS IN FOUNDERS Park? Prohibits statue Of George Washington and other founders. Shame on the City! Click here to read more from an Alexandria City concerned citizen.

Alexandria City now providing free tetanus shot with every scooter rental.

Waterscooting! A new sport started in Alexandria City...

Alexandria Needs an ethics ombudsman

Past council members from all parties have stated that the single party town council meetings are an embarrassment where any meaningful debate quickly devolves into a bullying session run by the mayor and a few entrenched council members.

City council creates commissions, committees, and surveys to provide a false sense of transparency made by a few enlightened urban progressives living in highly zoned tree lined neighborhoods, leaving the rest of the City to unbridled development and traffic congestion. Click here to read the Letter to the Editor in the Alexandria Times.

Alexandria failing on water pollution

Every time it rains a quarter inch or more in Alexandria, tons of raw sewage and trash is dumped into the Potomac River. The state has threatened to sue Alexandria to fix the problem. "Justin Wilson, Alexandria's mayor says he has concerns that seven years may not be enough time to fix the problem by 2025." WAMU 10/03/18.

It is no surprise that Del Pepper claims to spearhead the City's EcoCity initiative? Alexandria City has become the party of pollution, high density development, and failing education. Click here to read more in the Potomac Riverkeeper

Keep building and rezoning alexandria!

Mayor Wilson and Councilwoman Del Pepper collude with developers and special interest groups to jam in high end, high density, high rise buildings adding to the existing brutal traffic and parking situation. Both Wilson and Pepper live in heavily zoned tree lined neighborhoods. Pay attention to zoning changes! Click here to read more in the Alexandria Gazette

T.C. Williams high school Overcrowding threat

Alexandria City Council management is the biggest threat to Alexandria City children and the overcrowding at T.C. Williams high school ranked 301 of 326 Virginia High Schools. The poverty rate in the city has increased since 2013, and it is no surprise that the majority of public school children are eligible for free and reduced meals. Source: City Councilman Mohamed Seifeldein. Click here to read more in the Alexandria Times

The del ray mafia

Alexandria City Council politicians live in high end, heavily zoned, tree lined neighborhoods while pushing high density development/gridlock traffic in other City neighborhoods. Alexandria citizens trying to preserve their neighborhoods and their City's rich heritage and character are powerless against the Del Ray Mafia and their high density/high tax agenda.

The City doles out zoning/height/occupancy waivers in exchange for a few token "affordable housing units" that provide cover for the back door deals the City cuts with developers and investors. When the City gets caught lying about a project, the mayor and City Manager Mark Jinks sends out City Spokesman Craig Fifer on an apology/excuse tour. Click here to read more in the Northern Virginia Mag.

Another Robinson landing restaurant...

The applicant proposes an enclosed restaurant space that will exclude the public from half of the pier, which is supposed to be a public amenity permitting access to the waterfront. Renderings show that seating is not open to the public, but rather closed off and exclusive. ALL of the space contemplated as retail/restaurant at Robinson Landing will be dedicated to restaurants and bars. Click here to read the full letter to the Mayor from a concerned Alexandria City citizen.

Your Tax Dollars at Work...