Racist in Alexandria city...?

Dear Alexandria City Citizens,

You are racist!

It is usually a sign of desperation when a politician throws the race card to explain away all his failures. In this instance our beloved Mayor Justin "SCOOTER" Wilson compares Alexandria City to evil apartheid in South Africa. Click here to listen to Justin hitting rock bottom as he references 'colored people'...

Let's not forget Alexandria City and Scooter Wilson's other failures;

- High density mass transit strategy.

- Seminary road debacle bike lanes.

- Failure to fix Old town Waterfront, flooding with fecal matter.

- Needless destruction of wetlands for metro stop.

- Destroying small businesses with high taxes.

- Destroying City's historic character for political correctness.

- Affordable housing bait and switch scams

- Conducting a city business while being paid for private job.

- And now race baiting to cover his failed agenda...

Thank you readers for bringing us this video for everyone's enjoyment...