Do Alexandria Emergency services matter...?

Warning. Don’t be fooled. City Councilors are not as dumb as they look.

Their calculated policies are part of regional strategy that is a threat to public safety and welfare of Alexandria citizens. They recently ignored the recommendation of critical emergency services personnel.

My View | Frank Putzu: Fire Department lacked input on Seminary Road as published in the Alexandria Times

City council are capable of anything to promote their regional corporate high density plan. Scooters, bike lanes and staged affordable housing meetings, rigged by City Spokesman Craig Fifer, and supported by local papers, are part of a plan to misdirect the public from City Council’s massive regional construction strategy. Affordable housing will soon become non-existent in most of Alexandria City.

The Eventual Results

  • Turning Seminary road into a parking lot, delaying ambulance and fire response.
  • Increase in car crashes.
  • Massive raw sewage pollution of the Nations Potomac River, streets and businesses of Old Town.
  • Creating dangerous scooter program that has run amuck
  • Destruction of parking spaces for elderly and homeowners and tourists.
  • Destruction of public wetlands, flooding, pollution
  • Ever increasing traffic congestion