Tyson's Corner on the Potomac

Mayor Justin "Scooter' Wilson and developers are using blog trolls like Andrew Beaujon, now working for the Washingtonian, to attack citizens who disagree with their agenda to turn Alexandria into "Tyson's Corner on the Potomac".

Scooter Wilson and his associates used Beaujon to troll and undermine Allison Silberberg's administration. You may also want to read latest Washingtonian article by Andrew Beaujon, published on August 21, 2019 - Survey: DC Residents Most Likely in the US to Pee in the Shower

Also check out Beaujon's Washingtonian article, "Sticker's are Alexandria NIMBY's latest weapon in the war against scooters". Beaujon is part of journalistic trend where the media hires low cost partisan trolls who represent politicians and big business interests to garner waning ad dollars. Like political hacks, these trolls are the first to throw the race card when they can't debate an argument. The only thing worse than a partisan troll is one that also backs greedy, sleazy politicians and big business against concerned citizens.

What Hypocrisy. The Del Ray Mafia is synonymous with NIMBY. Washingtonian troll Andrew Beaujon, and his buddy Mayor "Scooter" Wilson live in Del Ray, a tree lined neighborhood where if any building is proposed or a homeowner tries to add ten feet to their home, the zoning police are on it like stink on..... Only outside Del Ray does Council and Del Ray Mafia approve massive developments with million dollar condos built under the promise of future affordable housing. City Council waves ordinances and make sweetheart deals for the well connected developers and banks (see below). The City's developer's Hacks recently showed their colors at a hearing that was supposed to be about the impact on water quality by the awful and arbitrary decision to place the new Metro station on one of the City's few remaining City owned wetlands, totally disregarding impact on water quality, the environment, and flooding. Instead, the City paraded a good sample of the high density development hucksters, including AEDP Board Vice chair an ex-Mayor Kerry Donley, and City officials, who talked about how great this project would help the "economy", including City Manager Mark "the "Sphinx" Jinx Jinks, bragging howy plans to expand its population by 30%.

Do you think that high density development will be in Del Ray?

NIMBY my ass, Mayor" Scooter" Wilson Andrew" Troll" Beaujon.

There would be riots in the streets if they tried their Urban sprawl agenda in Del Ray.

Thanks to contributors to AlexandriaWatchdog.com, citizens are becoming increasingly aware and concerned about how big money runs politics in Alexandria City. This group of organized players owns the media with advertising money and city access. This partnership is destroying Alexandria.

The story goes back to when Mayor Bill Euille was exposed for doing deals with developers with business before City Council. His proteges, Scooter Wilson, Mark Jinks and ex- Mayor Kevin Donley, have supersized Bill Euille's empire, realizing Euille's dream of scrapping Alexandria's historic character and affordable housing with a developers gold mine, "Tyson's on the Potomac".

Now we have a very organized group of Euille acolytes that have effectively infiltrated once independent Alexandria City Commissions, complete with aggressive media and lobbying partners. This group ensures developers get sweetheart deals, variances and waivers to the detriment of Alexandria City and its citizens, all in the name of big profits and power.

Some of the Alexandria City big development Hucksters are listed below. Please keep sending us leads. Hold City Council and commissions responsible. Contact Scooter Wilson, City Council, local state officials, commissions and representatives, unless you like the vision of turning Alexandria into "Tyson's on the Potomac.



City Council stacks committee meetings and hearings with these hucksters bullying citizens.

Alexandria Economic Development Partnership (AEDP) . These people run the City.

Home of the big Players; Money, lawyers, developers. Google it.

CEO, Stephanie Landrum, See Washington Post Article "How can DC region absorb an Amazon headquarters if it can't cope with existing gridlock and housing costs"?

Board of Directors

City Manager Mark Jinks, WTH?

Chair, Scott Shaw, Alexandria Restaurant Partners

Vice Chair,Ex-Mayor Kevin Donley, John Marshall Bank

Dave Millard, Avison Young

Chris Hartman, City National Bank

David Heiden, Mitre Corp

A.J. Jackson JBG Smith/EYA. Projects Robinson Terminal, The Oronco, Old Town Commons

Melissa Webb, Rappaport Companies

Nishita Henry, Deloitte

David Cleary, Cleary and Oxford Associates

Ross Baird, Village Capital


Coalition for Smarter Growth

Stewart Schwartz, Founder/Attorney

Lobbyist for urban sprawl and paving over Alexandria City Wetlands


Greater, Greater Washington (Developers blog)

Joanne Tang, Andrew Beaujon

Promoted election of Scooter Wilson, Del Pepper, Bennet, Chapman, Mo Seifeldein


Banking and finance:

Kerry Donley; Living Legend , Senior VP John Marshall bank

Chris Hartman, City National Bank


Don Byer- congressman


"Northern Virginia suffers from some of the worst congestion in the nation"

Byer's solution: Support policies and high density development projects making Alexandria unnaffordable, congested and polluted "Tyson's on the potomac turning Alexandria



Paul "Mirror Mirror" Smedberg,WMTA Board; Ex City councilman thrown out of office over Metro debacle and destroying Alexandria City's historic Waterfront plan.



RPA (Restaurant Partners Associates). President Scott Shaw


City Counsel

Scooter Wilson and Mark Sphinx Jinks-Goal of 30% population increase via high density, million dollar condos

"Tysons on the Potomac". And with the help of Del Pepper, Paul Smedberg and Mark Chapman, destroyed approved historic Waterfront Development Plan.

Paul Smedberg lied about metro plan and was rewarded with Job on Board of WMTA


Media trolls

Andrew Beaujon, Washingtonian.com

Washingtonian has now joined he ranks of media doing the bidding of City Council, called in the trolls to bully local citizens who are outraged by City Counsel efforts to turn Alexandria into a high density polluted, traffic congested, high tax, million dollar housing project.


Washington Post pro high density development writers

Patricia Sullivan

Andrew Henning