Life in the PRA (People’s Republic of Alexandria)

Who Are the shareholders Of Alexandria Restaurant Partners, LLC, who continue to get sweet heart deals and waivers from the City going back to Bill Euille's party machine days. Bill Euille, Alexandria’s first “Development Mayor”, who’s dream is a “Tyson’s on the Potomac”?

Bill Euille’s protégé, Justin “Scooter Wilson and Alexandria City Council is fulfilling Bill Euille’s dream. Who are the minor partners of Alexandria Restaurant Partners, LLC? Local Alexandria City papers do a good job of publishing citizen complaints but have yet to expose the underbelly of Alexandria City politics. Developers panicked when Bill Euille lost his last election. Who do you think was stepping up to financially support his write-in campaign? Developers were relieved and assured knowing Justin “Scooter” Wilson would become mayor and become Alexandria’s new Developer in Chief.

Alexandria City Council is 100% pro high-density development, using identity politics and “affordable housing” to bully anyone who questions their ‘Transformation” of historic Alexandria into “Tyson’s on the Potomac”, a polluted, traffic congested nightmare.

Why do Alexandria waterfront developers continue to get waivers to destroy an already polluted and congested historic waterfront? How did City Manager Jinks single handedly destroy the City’s historic Waterfront Plan and replace it with ridiculous projects like the $100,000. “Technicolor Stonehenge” at Fitzgerald Wharf, overrun with scooters, and polluted “fecal” water every time it rains?

Our City Developer Rooney now proposes to build high density condos at Robinson Terminal North which should be designated a toxic waste site. Toxic waste will now be hauled through Alexandria City neighborhoods instead of barged down river.

City Council member Del Pepper and her “ECO City” scam is a pathetic Joke. Alexandria City has been dumping millions of tons of raw sewage into the Potomac during her long reign on the City Council. Justin “Scooter Wilson wanted to put off repairs to 2025. After legal threats by the State of Virginia, the City is finally talking about a ridiculously expensive sewer plan that will disrupt the city. Less expensive solutions have been ignored by the City. The tax bill will be stifling!

Anonymous Opinion Letter to Alexandria Watchdog - June 2019