High Density Disaster in Alexandria City

Justin "Scooter"Wilson and Dell" Smell" Pepper's high density strategy continues to destroy Alexandria. They continue to trot out Alexandria City Spokesman Craig Fifer to pitch "Eco City" plan/sham to con the public while they;

  • Clear cut Alexandria wetlands and neighborhoods to increase density and maximize tax base.
  • Overcrowd failing schools.
  • Maintain the Potomac River as a cesspool, fighting a state ordered cleanup.
  • Support changing zoning laws to increase high rise buildings and increasing the numbers of houses built on a residential lot, while affordable housing has plummeted during Wilson's and Pepper's tenure.
  • Destroying and enraging Seminary Road and other neighborhoods with their high density strategies.

Read this letter to the editor at the Alexandria Times from a concerned Alexandria City father of children in our schools.

Anonymous Alexandria City Parent