Alexandria City Council's "ECO CHITY" Program is a Fraud

Alexandria City has ignored repeated citizen requests to test our waterfront floodwaters for;

  • Fecal Colifrom
  • Chemical Contaminents (PCB's from Robinson terminal?)
  • Pathogens

...and any other agents that could be harmful to human and or animal health.

Any citizen or visitor to Alexandria's Waterfront can smell raw sewage, especially at low tide or during the increasingly common flooding events.

Maybe Alexandria City Council does not want citizens to know they are wading through raw sewage at the waterfront, hmmm.

When Alexandria City was sued by the state for polluting the Potomac, Mayor "Scooter "Wilson responded with a request to delay fixing the problem of raw sewage flowing into the Potomac. Every delay by City Hall to fix this ecological disaster, guarantees that the cost to fix will increase by millions. Less expensive fixes proposed over the years have all been ignored by City Council.

Longtime City Council members Euille, Donley, Justin Wilson, Del Pepper, Chapman and City Manager Mark Jinx, Congressman Beyer, Schwartz, City Spokesman Craig "Glaze The Turd Fifer" have all colluded in this cover up. Remember these civil servants when you visit (smell) the flooded polluted waterfront, better yet, remember them when you go to the ballot box.


Anonymous Alexandria City Citizen